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Chaga, Pure Chaga Mushroom Extract from Siberia, 13g
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Strong adjuvant in supporting the immune system.



The King of Medicinal Mushrooms






What is Chaga:

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a pathogenic fungus that grows on white birch bark, and is known for its therapeutic properties. In the USA it is classified as a food supplement, and in Europe and Russia as a therapeutic mushroom that is used for medical purposes.


GAGASIBIR is the extract produced from the natural chaga mushroom in the wild forests of Siberia, near the area of ​​Lake Baikal, Chaga harvested from these lands has the strongest therapeutic effect in the world.

From one kg of chaga 100g of finished product Biochaga are obtained.




Active components:


The main active components of the chaga mushroom, which form a complex of water-soluble compounds with a strong antitumor and antioxidant action are:



Group I:

Phenol aldehyde


Oxyphenylcarbonic acid Hinoni




Group II:


Betulinic acid "virus / tumor fighter" widely studied in Russia

Polysaccharide - beta glucan






Minerals and trace elements:



Calcium Potassium

Cobalt Magnesium

Manganese copper

Sodium Silicon salts

Proud Nickel

Silicon Silver

German Zinc 132


Beta Glucan "Immune" polysaccharides help the immune system in many ways.

Gagasibir contains a complex of 8 essential polysaccharides that are needed by the body when it is under stress, when an immunostimulation needs to be done. Scientific research shows that beta glucans have an exceptional potential in the fight against tumors, in some cardiovascular conditions, immune deficiency, hormonal balance and diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites. It is also known to achieve better intracellular communication. Chaga from Russia is an adaptogenic mushroom. Stimulates balance (homeokinesis), respectively stimulates the immune system when necessary. It is known as the "smart mushroom".

"Immune polysaccharides" have anticancer action by stimulating the immune system. It helps the immune system fight cancer by modulating cellular immunity. It helps to modulate the immune system to function as well as possible and knows what needs to happen well inside the body.

Due to these actions, chaga is used as a STRONG ADJUVANT against malignant tumors.

Melanin is a gene protector and DNA restorer. Repairs broken DNA strands when damaged by chemicals or irradiation. These degradations can be a cause of cancer and many other serious diseases.

Melanin absorbs sunlight and turns it into energy in the human body, being a very important component for women planning a birth.

The apoptotic agent "Inotodiol" inhibits cell proliferation by inducing apoptosis.

Lanosterol helps the immune system recognize disordered cell growth and strengthens the stop signal.

Polyphenols - neutralizers of free radicals.





Stabilizes the heartbeat, regulates blood pressure and electrolyte balance.




Increases the body's ability to defend against viruses, microbes, toxic fungi, antioxidants.







Psoriasis, neurodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, alopecia areata, thrombocytopenic purpura, purpura associated with Helicobacter Pylori infection






Gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, gallbladder and intestinal dyskinesia, gastric and intestinal polyposis.






Normalizes swallowing, reduces voice hoarseness, restricts the inflammatory process.




Diseases of the locomotor system:


Arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis.






Eliminates toxins generated by cigarette smoke.






Normalizes blood sugar levels.






It improves the state of stress and anxiety, restores the fluidity of materials in the brain tissue after injuries and strokes, increases the ability to work, strengthens vital tone, improves memory, helps in the fight against insomnia.






Vulvitis, colpitis, cervicitis, climax, breast disease, cervical erosion, HPV (human papillomavirus warts)

Hypoglycemic action:


Normalizes blood sugar levels.

It does not affect the performance of other medicines used.


Research on the hypoglycemic effect of the chaga mushroom in Russia is presented in the paper on experiments from 2004-2006 in Moscow.





Stage I:

Decrease in blood sugar from 9.68 to 8.09 mmol / l

At 42.9% the thirst ceased

At 52.4%, the dry mouth sensation disappeared

At 95% the general condition was improved

Body weight at 33.3% decreased by 1-1.5 kg




Stage II:


Decreased blood pressure from 7.08 to 5.53 mmol / l

At 35% the thirst disappeared

At 45%, the dry mouth sensation disappeared

At 80% the general condition has been improved

Body weight at 10% decreased by 1-1.8 kg

Stage III:


Decrease in blood sugar from 8.78 to 5.2 mmol / l

At 35% the thirst ceased

At 40%, the dry mouth sensation disappeared

At 100% the general condition has been improved

Body weight at 65% decreased by 1-1.25% kg





The action of the natural extract:


Mechanisms of action of Chaga Mushroom in Russia


Chaga reduces protein kinase and myeloperoxidase activity.

Improves tissue sensitivity to insulin.

Chaga zinc stimulates insulin synthesis, and also stimulates Langerhans B cells.

Chromium strengthens the effect of insulin and reduces the craving for sweets.

Manganese in chaga activates the ligands that participate in gluconeogenesis.

It has been confirmed that manganese deficiency leads to hepatic steatosis.


The antivirus action of the chaga mushroom in Russia


Chaga strengthens the body's defense reactions against viral, microbial and fungal agents.

Mechanisms of action on viruses;

Enzyme inhibition;

Stimulating the specific effect of the immune response;




The neuroprotective action of the chaga mushroom in Russia


It has a beneficial effect on stress and anxiety.

Restores the flow of matter in the brain tissue.

Increases work capacity, vital tone, improves memory and helps in the fight against insomnia.





The effect of the Chaga mushroom in Russia


Gastric protective effects of chaga mushroom in Russia:

Normalizes the functioning of the GIT (gastrointestinal tract), contributes to the short-term healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers and has special properties of gastric protection.




It is used in cases of:



Gastric and duodenal ulcer

Biliary dyskinesia and intestinal dyskinesia

Polyposis of the stomach and intestinal tract




Detoxifying properties of chaga mushroom in Russia:


Chaga removes toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Relieves painful conditions from food poisoning, alcohol, tumor poisoning.

It is effective as an adjunct after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.





Pharmacological property:


It promotes the exchange of materials in the brain tissue - intensifying the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex

Reduces excessive sweating

Anti-inflammatory action

Regenerates the activity of slow enzyme systems

Neurohormonal stimulation (increases estrogen activity)

It acts in the direction of stationary tumor and strengthens the effect of conventional cytostatic therapy

Strengthens the effect of anti-tumor drugs.



Recommended for:


Malignant neoplasms and in cases of inoperable tumors as well as in situations where radiotherapy is not possible, such as cancer of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, pharynx, lungs.


For the purpose of prophylaxis of malignant neoplasms (at a permanent use of the extract, the percentage of diseases is much lower)

In order to normalize the blood leukocyte formula.




Indications for chaga mushroom in Russia


As a means of recovery after suffering from serious illnesses and operations.

In order to increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases.

In dentistry for the treatment of periodontitis.

For skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema.





Applies locally:


On wounds, bodily injuries, burns, frostbite, inflammation, insect bites, skin flaking, wounds from herpes virus, papillomas, warts, leukoplakia.




The advantages of this natural extract from Russia:


All thermolabile compounds are preserved, the effects of which are completely lost when the chaga is treated at temperatures above 50 degrees.

Siberian chaga contains a much higher amount of betulinic acid and beta glucan, being the fungus with the greatest therapeutic properties.





Toxicology and side effects:


The natural extract of Gagasibir is non-toxic and easily tolerated.






They are not allowed to consume: pregnant women, children under 16 years of age, breastfeeding women and people suffering from chronic colitis, chronic dysentery, hypoglycemia.





How to use:


1 teaspoon of natural extract is dissolved in 250 ml of warm water, but not hotter than 50 degrees Celsius,

The resulting tea is drunk 2-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals or 1.5 hours after meals,

It is administered daily until the end of the bottle, then there is a break of 7 days,

Repeat with a new bottle until the body is balanced.

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